Reznor free-standing cabinet heater  Reznor freestanding vertical gas- and oil-fired cabinet heaters combine innovative design techniques with proven heat exchanger technology to produce units that are cost-effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Ten model sizes cover heat outputs from 31kW to 289kW and are available as freestanding certicaly units or, alternatively, as horizontal units.

Features include:

  • Gas or oil fired
  • Four pass heat transfer for improved thermal efficiency
  • Heat exchanger tubes are expanded into collection boxes, eliminating possibility of weld failure
  • Combustion chamber / heat exchanger assembly is flexibly mounted to allow for thermal expansion
  • Double skin pentapost construction incorporating air-cooled heat shield
  • Time switch and thermostats are pre-wired on vertical models to reduce installation costs
  • Freeblowing or ducted air distribution

Powrmatic floorstanding, horizontal and counterflow oil, gas and atmospheric range of cabinet heaters.

  • Oil/gas fired heater
  • Natural gas (G20)
    Oil 35 sec / 28 sec
  • Freeblowing or ducted applications
  • Painted to BS 16-C-37 Reef Green. Other BS/RAL colours to special order.
  • Summer ventilation facility
  • Complete with full operating controls

We can supply you with these heaters - contact us now. In the Sussex area, we will both supply and fit these heaters for you, as replacements for units in your old oil-fired or gas-fired warm-air central heating system.

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