The Johnson & Starley Economaire range of warm air heating solutions  New! We supply the Johnson & Starley Economaire family of warm air heating solutions, designed to meet the standards expecfted of a central heating system for the millennium. From 7.3kW (11,900Btu/h) to 26.4kW (90,000Btu/h) output, there is an Economaire for every requirement.

 Johnson & Starley Economaire-32 gas-fired air heater with Cleanflow air cleaner  All Johnson & Starley heaters are fully compliant with Part L of the latest Building Regulations, and come equipped with Cleanflow Air Cleaners.

Features include:


  • Cleanflow creates a healthy indoor environment
  • Particularly beneficial to bronchial sufferers
  • All air in the dwelling passes across the air filter 6 times an hour
  • Cleans the air and removes smaller particles such as pollen, mould and tobacco smoke
  • Only Johnson & Starley heaters offer Cleanflow.

We can supply you with these heaters - contact us now. In the Sussex area, we will both supply and fit these heaters for you, as replacements for units in your old gas-fired warm-air central heating system. What is more, you may be eligible for a Government-funded £300 Warm Front Heating Rebate.

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